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Ron Benitez

Co-owner & Co-founder
Ron has worked in corporate retail for more than 15 years, having worked in various merchandising and product development roles for Bay Area retailers Gap, Levis, Gymboree and Pottery Barn. Ron has also worked in the Action Sports industry, having held pivotal roles at Quicksilver, Oakley, Hybrid Appear and Paul Frank.  

Ron met his wife, Tricia, while working for Gap Inc. (now known as NewCo). Tricia held various roles at Banana Republic and also worked in the Action Sports industry. After years of ‘chasing the gigs’ between San Francisco and Orange County, the two would take their background and expertise in retail, stores, merchandising and product development, and open their own store in San Francisco, ASMBLY HALL, in November 2011. ASMBLY HALL recently celebrated the one year anniversary of their Divisadero Street store this past February.

Ron and Tricia are also proud parents to four-year-old Harlow Sloane, ASMBLY HALL’s current intern and future shop keeper.